Thursday, May 6, 2010

summer reads

it's officially summer! i've finished everything...yay!!

now, what to do?

well, for one, i'm going to have more time to do blogs. i would usually do homework while addison was napping, but now i'll be able to do blogs while she naps!

i really want to do some reading, too. and that's where you come in!

do you have any books you would recommend? i know i'm going to read the new sookie stackhouse book and sundays at tiffany's, but those are the only 2 i have picked out so far. help?! it will be much appreciated :)


leigh ashley said...

oh girl... i could recommend a bunch! what are you into??

Mateya said...

It depends what kind of books you like. I like all Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks books!

Judi said...

I'm sure you'll find something good to read this summer.

There is a crib giveaway at Missy's Book Nook you might want to check out, either for yourself or to alert your followers. Go here

Missy may also have some suggestions for good books to read. Nice blogger.

Haley said...

SUNDAY'S AT TIFFANY'S! Omg, can I tell you my heart is bursting at the seams with excitement! Lol, that's just how much I LOVEEE this book!!! You'll have to post about it when you're done, or at least e-mail me what you thought!

Also, Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin is good. It's followed up by the book Something Blue, I haven't got to it yet but I'm working on it.

Also several of the blogs I read keep ranting about Eat Love Pray. I haven't read it yet but I'm working my way towards it (after I finish my current Nicholas Sparks love affair, that is! ;) ) Good luck on finding some good ones. Definately let me know if you find one that you fall in love with, I'm always on the prowl!! :)