Tuesday, March 27, 2012

weekend shenanigans

this weekend absolutely flew by.

last week was pretty rough for me, and i'm so glad it's over! i'm done with my first semester of grad classes {go me!} and now i just have 2 undergrad classes. i graduate in a little over a month! yay!

i got to celebrate the end of my horrible week by going to see the hunger games with friends.

let me tell you...i'm obsessed. i read all 3 books in 3 days. i would stay up until the wee hours of the morning reading.

i got all of my friends hooked on the books, too. we were all SO excited for the movie. we bought our tickets well in advance, and made a girls date for the premiere night. we had dinner and drinks, and then went to the movie!

it was packed. we had to stand in line to get in. we did get to sit together, so that was a plus!

the movie was good. i hyped it up a lot because i was so excited, so it didn't exactly live up to my expectations. but it was still good and i'd definitely go {and probably will} see it again!

saturday morning we had plans to go to a birthday party. it was about an hour away, so we hitched a ride with mary and gavin who were also going.

addison loves gavin. and he's at the age where he can play with her now. he took a little while to warm up to the fact that another kid was in the car with him, but once he did warm up, they chatted and laughed the rest of the way.

the party was outside, and it ended up being a chilly, rainy morning. being the great mom that i am, i didn't bring addison a jacket because i thought it would be warm. she was a little cold, but she warmed up when she ran around. the kids had lots of fun! and they got cute dinosaur masks.

we had lunch and then ran by mary's in laws, then headed home. we were all exhausted, especially the kiddos. gavin passed out pretty much as soon as we headed home, but it took addison a while to give in and sleep. but once she did, she was out.

saturday night, my mom and i had a girls night at mexican. it's kind of sad that they know us there.

one of the manager's saw us and asked if i had seen the pictures of my daughter on the wall. i was really confused at first, but then remembered that the balloon lady had taken pictures of the kids with their balloons to put on the wall. addison had her picture up there twice. we may need an intervention.

sunday i went to breakfast with family and then did some group stuff for school. and then i made a bazillion cake pops.

our weekend wasn't exactly relaxing, but it was a lot of fun! we were busy pretty much every second. needless to say, i'm still exhausted. and i don't see that going away any time soon.

more coffee, please!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 year appointment

addison turned 3 in november. being the awesome mom/planner i am, she didn't have her 3 year appointment until february 28. just a couple months late. no big deal.

apparently being 3 means you get to wear cool gowns at the doctor. she felt pretty rocking in it. it was a little on the long side though.

now to her stats.

- 31 lbs
- 37 3/4 inches
- 20/20 vision

they checked her vision, which they had never done before. i couldn't even see what some of the things were that she could see. i blame my lovely case of pink eye for that.

the doctor said that most kids don't have 20/20, so she's got good eyes.

she didn't need any shots this visit, which was a plus. but she did have her finger pricked. she wasn't too pleased with that. but she did get a cute bandaid, which made it all better.

addison is obsessed with giving mommy and daddy things (like at gymnastics, they get stamps at the end of class and she insists on giving mommy and daddy stamps too), so she insisted on giving us a bandaid. the nurse was super sweet and got us bandaids, too. luckily we didn't have to have our fingers pricked :)

maybe her 4 year appointment won't be so late, but i can't make any promises.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


we've been playing a lot of pretty pretty princess and hello kitty bingo around here lately. addison's gotten really good at both games, but her attention span is lacking. oh, and she's starting to become a sore loser. we're working on that, though.

i got a keurig for my birthday and i love it. i've been having a nice cup of coffee every morning.

addison and i have been enjoying breakfast time together. i don't get to see her as much as i used to with school and work, so i've been savoring every moment with her.

we had a date a few weekends ago and went to the cheesecake factory for my birthday. well, we tried the cheesecake factory. the wait was 2 hours. ridiculous. so we went to carrabba's. where the wait was an hour. which is still ridiculous. but not as much as 2 hours. addison was SO cute. she wore the denim skirt from her 2nd birthday party. crazy, huh? it was HUGE then, and it's still a little big now. 1.5 years later. oh well. she rocked it. she wore adorable flower tights and a matching flower scarf. i about died. my baby looks so so big.

we've been having fun with granny too. we took addison's new book pinkalicious: pinkie promise on our last visit. addison loves it. we got it from her school's book fair. my mom cleaned out granny's tupperware cabinet and addison loved helping with that. she would try to match up the tops and the bottoms. she did a great job!

my spring break is next week and i'm pretty excited. although i'll still be working and probably doing a ton of homework. oh well. it's still spring break!