Thursday, March 1, 2012


we've been playing a lot of pretty pretty princess and hello kitty bingo around here lately. addison's gotten really good at both games, but her attention span is lacking. oh, and she's starting to become a sore loser. we're working on that, though.

i got a keurig for my birthday and i love it. i've been having a nice cup of coffee every morning.

addison and i have been enjoying breakfast time together. i don't get to see her as much as i used to with school and work, so i've been savoring every moment with her.

we had a date a few weekends ago and went to the cheesecake factory for my birthday. well, we tried the cheesecake factory. the wait was 2 hours. ridiculous. so we went to carrabba's. where the wait was an hour. which is still ridiculous. but not as much as 2 hours. addison was SO cute. she wore the denim skirt from her 2nd birthday party. crazy, huh? it was HUGE then, and it's still a little big now. 1.5 years later. oh well. she rocked it. she wore adorable flower tights and a matching flower scarf. i about died. my baby looks so so big.

we've been having fun with granny too. we took addison's new book pinkalicious: pinkie promise on our last visit. addison loves it. we got it from her school's book fair. my mom cleaned out granny's tupperware cabinet and addison loved helping with that. she would try to match up the tops and the bottoms. she did a great job!

my spring break is next week and i'm pretty excited. although i'll still be working and probably doing a ton of homework. oh well. it's still spring break!