Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 year appointment

addison turned 3 in november. being the awesome mom/planner i am, she didn't have her 3 year appointment until february 28. just a couple months late. no big deal.

apparently being 3 means you get to wear cool gowns at the doctor. she felt pretty rocking in it. it was a little on the long side though.

now to her stats.

- 31 lbs
- 37 3/4 inches
- 20/20 vision

they checked her vision, which they had never done before. i couldn't even see what some of the things were that she could see. i blame my lovely case of pink eye for that.

the doctor said that most kids don't have 20/20, so she's got good eyes.

she didn't need any shots this visit, which was a plus. but she did have her finger pricked. she wasn't too pleased with that. but she did get a cute bandaid, which made it all better.

addison is obsessed with giving mommy and daddy things (like at gymnastics, they get stamps at the end of class and she insists on giving mommy and daddy stamps too), so she insisted on giving us a bandaid. the nurse was super sweet and got us bandaids, too. luckily we didn't have to have our fingers pricked :)

maybe her 4 year appointment won't be so late, but i can't make any promises.


Brittany said...

She's so adorable! Lovin' the Dr. Suess gown!

Brittany @ Hit or Miss

Christa said...

she is such a doll. im dreading the day Braylee turns 3. which will be in 3 months. BOOOO