Tuesday, March 26, 2013

lunch date

last week i had a surprise lunch date.

with addison {and chris, because obviously addison can't drive}.

chris was taking addison to the park in by my work to ride her bike, so they picked me for lunch! it was a nice little break from work.

we went to one of my favorite places - star bagel. it's delicious. and right by my work. perfect!

i love surprise lunch dates.

Monday, March 25, 2013

st. patty's day

we spent st. patrick's day making green things.

green rice crispy treats and green jello.

addison wasn't really into making the green jello. she wanted pink jello. so of course we made that too.

my mom even got a set of small cookie cutters at a yard sale and it had a clover!! so we used that to cut some cute jello bites. and addison insisted on cutting one into a heart. so we did that too!

but i forgot to be festive and didn't wear any green. oops. at least addison was rocking some green!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

the start of spring

last weekend the weather was really nice. so we took advantage of it!

addison is a super star on her bicycle. so friday night we went to the park for her to show off her skills.

saturday we took the jeep out to get ice cream. and then had a bubble fight.

and now it's cold again. i can't wait for the weather to pick something and stick with it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


what has happened in the last month {or a little over that}??

well, a lot has happened.

i'll just hit in the high points.

- addison got another haircut
- i turned 24 and had cool whip put all over my face at mexican
- i had a date on valentine's day...with girlfriends. we had 7th row seats to the preds game
- addison filled out her own valentine's. which were barbie
- i may have given in to the girl scouts camped out at work
- addison has become a pro at helping {watching} me workout
- working on writing words
- intense brushing teeth faces
- justin bieber jammies. kinda jealous
- ice cream {after mexican} with amy

oh, and i went to poland. for a week. it was for my international trip for school. addison got to take me to the airport and tell me goodbye. i'll blog more on that later - i may have taken a lot of pictures.