Wednesday, March 20, 2013


what has happened in the last month {or a little over that}??

well, a lot has happened.

i'll just hit in the high points.

- addison got another haircut
- i turned 24 and had cool whip put all over my face at mexican
- i had a date on valentine's day...with girlfriends. we had 7th row seats to the preds game
- addison filled out her own valentine's. which were barbie
- i may have given in to the girl scouts camped out at work
- addison has become a pro at helping {watching} me workout
- working on writing words
- intense brushing teeth faces
- justin bieber jammies. kinda jealous
- ice cream {after mexican} with amy

oh, and i went to poland. for a week. it was for my international trip for school. addison got to take me to the airport and tell me goodbye. i'll blog more on that later - i may have taken a lot of pictures.