Thursday, February 14, 2013

circus 2013

a couple weekends ago, my mom, chris, addison, and i went to the circus.

i love the circus.

we went last year and it was amazing.

and this year was no different.

we got there about an hour early so addison could do some of the fun activities they had going on before it started.

addison took her picture with a clown {who acted clownish to me, which kinda creeped me out}. and she danced! she loved the dancing. there was a clown teaching the kids how to dance. she had a blast.

of course she got a souvenir. instead of an {overpriced} toy {the kid has way too many toys}, we let her pick an {overpriced} t-shirt.

by far my favorite part of the circus are the elephants. they even had a baby elephant walk out during the beginning!!!

i want a baby elephant. now, please.

and no circus would be complete without {overpriced} junk food. we had popcorn and funnel cake. the ladder is what's all over my pants {powdered sugar is kinda messy}.

i'm already looking forward to going to the circus next year!