Wednesday, June 30, 2010

purse pictures

addison loves purses. wonder where she got that from??

she has 3 purses. one is a real purse, and the others are just little bags. but they are all the perfect size for addison.

i think this one is her favorite because it's actually a purse. it's a vera bradley (my mom got it at a garage sale). she started putting it over her head and running around with it like that. goofy girl.

i told her to smile for the camera, so she did!

this is her saying "hi" to the camera.

and then she posed and smiled some more...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mother's day out

today was addison's first day at MDO. i was a little very nervous. addison's never gone to anything like this before, and i was just worrying about things.

i got addison this really cute backpack to take to MDO. it has her name on it and everything. i packed it full of everything she needed for today, and i think it was a little heavy for her. i put it on her and she started to stumble back. poor girl.

she decided to take it off since it was so heavy. she was moving around a lot so some of the pictures are kind of blurry. these were the best of the few that i took.

we went to MDO and i took addison to her room.

she didn't cry or anything. i dropped her off in her room, she looked around at all the toys and didn't look back. at that point, i started getting upset because it was time for me to leave. she's getting so big. i'm sure she's having a blast playing lots of other kids and making new friends.

but i am excited to go pick her up. hopefully she remembers who i am :)

Monday, June 28, 2010


ok, warning. i went a little overboard with pictures in this post. you can't say i didn't warn you!!

we've been swimming a lot lately. i've been wanting to take pictures of addison swimming, but i just haven't been able to. i did take a lot of pictures of addison in the bath though!!

i just love her little booty and her curly hair. she's such a cutie!

her hair is sooooo long. i'm glad it's curly because it would look like a mullet if it was straight!!

addison tends to splash a lot, so i use the shower curtain liner as a shield sometimes so i don't get wet. clever, huh??

we took some pictures after addison got out of the bath just for fun...

after this incident, i make sure to put a diaper on addison before i let her run around after her bath. she was running around so much that i couldn't really get a good picture. she did stand still just long enough for me to take a picture of her in her cute pjs though!

then we read her bedtime story. she loves this book. she always grabs it for me to read. she turns the pages really fast while i'm trying to read it to her, so we don't exactly get to read the whole thing.

i think she got tired of me trying to read it so she decided she could do it herself.

then it was bedtime. sometimes i wish i could sleep as much as she does!

sips n strokes

saturday night i went to sips n strokes with a couple of my friends. it was a last minute thing. we usually schedule to go a few weeks in advance, but we just decided to go that day. the class wasn't full, and it actually ended up being a fairly small class.

the painting wasn't one that i was crazy about, but i really enjoy going there and painting so i went!

this was the paint when we started. it looks nice and pretty here, but it got messy after a while.

i'll go ahead and warn you. the painting doesn't look very good until the very end. i just kept looking at mine and wondered when it was going to look good.

here are the stages of the painting. i took pictures every time we took a break to let the paint dry.

and the finished product! i ended up just doing my own thing towards the end, and i like how it turned out. i think i could have painted all night trying to make it look good, but i got to the point where i knew i needed to stop, so i threw my paint away. that stopped me! now that i haven't been looking at it for a few hours, i really like it!

it's really a lot of fun, and it's a great little girls night activity. you can take wine if you want (hints the name), but we didn't take any on that trip. they recently opened one really close to me, so i'm going to have to start taking advantage of that!!