Wednesday, June 9, 2010

breakfast at grandmother's

every sunday my dad is in town, we try to have breakfast with my grandmother. we used to meet at this amazing bagel place, star bagel. my grandmother has had a few surgeries recently, so lately we have been picking up breakfast (from star bagel, of course) and taking it to grandmother's. it actually works out better because addison can run around and play and doesn't have to be confined to a highchair.

addison used to just eat a plain bagel, but now she has ventured out to a cinnamon raisin bagel. and she loves it. she can't take bites of the bagel because the outside is kind of tough, so i tear out the inside and she eats that. and she has been such a piggy lately. that morning she had a whole bagel, half of a blueberry muffin, and half of a nutrigrain bar.

i took some pictures of addison and my dad sharing the muffin...

addison is lucky he shared with her. i don't think he would have shared with me.

i'm glad i had my camera with me. i think all of those pictures are just so cute! i'm going to have to take my camera more often.


Summer said...

That is just presh Bailey!! Awwww Addison keeps getting cuter and cuter look at those curls! Oh and pic of your dad sharing his muffin with little Addison is just beyond should totally frame that and give it to him in a grandpa frame for father's cute would that be awwwwwwww :0)

Summer ;0)