Monday, June 14, 2010

no more vampire boyfriends for me

i think you all know that i have an obsession with vampires.

it really isn't that bad, but i loved reading the twilight series and the trueblood series. i equally love watching the twilight movies and the trueblood show!

i've always said that if vampires really are alive, i'm going to snag one up and have a vampire boyfriend. but i don't really know if i'm ideal for being a vampire's girlfriend.

saturday my dad and i went to give blood. you know, vampires love blood.

i've given blood once before. i went a time before that to give, but my iron level was too low. the last time i gave, i was kind of hoping my iron would be too low again and i wouldn't be able to, but my iron was fine and i sucked it up and everything went fine.

of course i was nervous, but it was over pretty quickly and i felt like i had done something good.

my dad gives blood whenever he can, and i've always been really impressed with that. i'm not really a fan of needles but i think that if you can, you should. so i decided i wanted to go with him the next time he went, which was saturday.

friday night i didn't really eat dinner because i had been snacking on the cookies my granny made me (which were delicious, by the way), so i wasn't very hungry came dinner time. i don't really eat breakfast either, and i wasn't hungry saturday morning so i didn't eat then either.

my dad and i went to lunch before we went to give blood, and i thought i would be fine after eating lunch.

we got there to give blood and my dad got called back first. i got called back a few minutes later. by the time i got to my nice little lounge chair, my dad was almost done giving blood. and he was messing with me. he made horrible faces like it was hurting and sent me a text message that said "help!". i knew he was just kidding and just trying to mess with me. it was pretty funny.

i was kind of nervous, but the guy who took my blood was very nice. he was asking me how i was feeling and everything. i'm sure i looked nervous because he kept asking me if i was feeling ok, even before he started.

i was doing fine for a while, and my dad came and sat beside me and talked with me while i was giving blood. i just wanted to close my eyes and relax until it was over, but they told me i had to keep my eyes open because when someone has their eyes closed they assume they've passed out.

and then i started to feel sick. like nauseous. i started to get hot and light headed. it was not good. i was almost done, but they laid me back and put my legs in the air.

i was kind of embarrassed, but it felt so much better when they did that. i really just wanted to tell them to stop, but i was almost done. once i was finished, i just laid there for a while and my dad held my drink up to my mouth for me. i kind of enjoyed having him as my slave for a little while.

once i finally decided to stand up, i couldn't really walk very far. i made it to the lobby area and my dad and i sat there for a little while and then we ventured out to the car. we made sure to take the elevator and not the stairs on the way down.

i went home and tried to take a nap. i just felt really weak after that. i wasn't able to nap but the rest of the afternoon i didn't feel very good. i stuffed my face at dinner and that made me feel a little better.

i'm feeling fine now (except i'm still kind of grossed out by the little red scab on my arm). i want to give blood again, and i'm sure i will. let's just hope that next time isn't as eventful! and i'll make sure to eat a lot the day before!

i'm sure vampires don't take as much blood as the red cross does (or at least the nice vampires don't), so maybe i still have a chance. i'll start working on my blood loss tolerance just in case :)


Jenn said...

Haha you sound just like me! I can't stand needles or the sight of blood either. I gave blood a couple of times and haven't in awhile to avoid the experience just like the one you had :/ Maybe one day, I can get the courage to go do it again. I'm glad you did though! And I'm glad you want to do it again. I hope your next experience is a better one :)

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Good for you for donating! It is amazing how many lives one donation will save. I know exactly how you feel. I have donated 2 times. Both times I was under the weight limit, so they took a little less than a pint. The first time I donated, I was extremely nervous and nearly passed out. It was awful. The second time, I finished donating - got helped over to the snack area... then I passed out. It was so embarrasing. My boyfriend at the time had to carry me back to a bed! haha! I can no longer do it - because after that they decided it wasn't a good idea - but I still wish I could. Its amazing!

Summer said...

LOL you sound like me! I am just reading this post! Um know wonder you were freaking out when I posted that Greg's friend is Sam....LOL....that is may still have a chance with a vampire or one that just plays one on a show LOL....

Summer :)