Thursday, June 10, 2010

she's cute...until she pees on the carpet

i'll start from the beginning.

addison had just gotten out of the bath. i dried her off and was letting her run around in just her hooded towel. no diaper or anything.

i've let her do it before, and she just runs around. it's pretty funny and cute.

but all of the sudden she stopped and started to make a face like she was going to poop or something. so i was going to pick her up really quick and put a diaper on her, but before i could she started peeing on the carpet.

it went all down her leg. and it was right after her bath. she was all clean and everything and then pees on herself.

i think she felt bad after she did it because she looked kind of sad. but i got her all cleaned up and made sure to put a diaper on her. i guess i won't be letting her run around naked any more. at least not in carpeted rooms!

the other day she peed while i was changing her diaper. she hasn't done that in forever. like not since she was little itty bitty. hopefully this isn't a new trend. i'll still love her though!