Monday, June 28, 2010


ok, warning. i went a little overboard with pictures in this post. you can't say i didn't warn you!!

we've been swimming a lot lately. i've been wanting to take pictures of addison swimming, but i just haven't been able to. i did take a lot of pictures of addison in the bath though!!

i just love her little booty and her curly hair. she's such a cutie!

her hair is sooooo long. i'm glad it's curly because it would look like a mullet if it was straight!!

addison tends to splash a lot, so i use the shower curtain liner as a shield sometimes so i don't get wet. clever, huh??

we took some pictures after addison got out of the bath just for fun...

after this incident, i make sure to put a diaper on addison before i let her run around after her bath. she was running around so much that i couldn't really get a good picture. she did stand still just long enough for me to take a picture of her in her cute pjs though!

then we read her bedtime story. she loves this book. she always grabs it for me to read. she turns the pages really fast while i'm trying to read it to her, so we don't exactly get to read the whole thing.

i think she got tired of me trying to read it so she decided she could do it herself.

then it was bedtime. sometimes i wish i could sleep as much as she does!


Alice said...

Her curly hair is beautiful!

Summer said...

Her curls are presh! LOL about the accident after the bath um Kelcee likes to run around with her towel on and scare daddy and now she is potty trained we don't have to worry about that LOL but we used to haha :0)

Kelcee has that same towel! Love Addison's pj's and um that book is the book that my mom (mi-mi) gives all of us girls when we are is like a family that book, no worries Kelcee doesn't let me read it all either LOL

Summer :0)

ps those pics of you two are to cute

Mindy said...

I don't think my comment went through, if it did, sorry!
I said..
Her curls are perfect! She is a cutie pie! :)

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

That book is beautiful. I was given the book the day after I delivered Kaegan and it really touched my heart. Her bath pics are darling.