Monday, February 20, 2012

pink eye. and more pink eye

3 weeks ago addison had pink eye. just one eye was infected, i started giving her the drops and it cleared up completely within 48 hours.

2 weeks ago, exactly, my eye started to feel sore. i went to bed with a sore eye, and woke up with a swollen eye.

i had pink eye.

addison has had pink eye before, and i've been lucky enough not to get it. i guess my luck ran out.

this was my eye that tuesday morning. nice and swollen.

i started using the drops immediately and it seemed to get a little better.

it finally started to look like it was clearing up last sunday.

but, alas, it had decided to jump into my other eye.

lucky me.

i woke up last monday with one swollen eye and both eyes sealed shut. i'm sure that's a lovely visual for you. but seriously. pink eye is gross.

i went to the doctor and got different drops. now, a week after that, i'm all cleared up!!

i really hope i never get it again. i seems so much worse as an adult.

i was really afraid that it was going to be this vicious cycle of pink eye. i thought addison was getting it again after mine started clearing up, and i was sure i would get it from her again. but she didn't get it again and our eyes are all non-pink...

for now.