Monday, January 30, 2012


so i think it has come down to this. i'm so busy with school and work, so phone pictures is what i am resorting to.

granny played pretty pretty princess with us one night. i enjoyed seeing her in the jewels! it snowed the first time this year, and my mom snapped a pic before she took addison to school. she was ready for the snow. we went to see beauty and the beast in 3d. of course popcorn was involved. addison and i both loved it {and maegen did too! she went with us :)} my mom got some chocolate covered fruit, so addison and i had it for dessert a few nights. addison really liked the bananas. we built towers at my grandmothers house, and took turns laying down and having a tower built on our head. addison really enjoyed knocking the towers down. and lastly, a few weeks worth of balloons. a ballerina, hula monkey, and elephant. wonder what she'll get this week?