Friday, January 6, 2012

addison's birthday

so, addison's party was over a month ago. and i'm just now getting around to blogging about it. oops.

anyway, addison's birthday was exhausting. i'm not going to lie.

but it was great. she had a blast and that's all that matters.

we rented a bouncy house. the weather forecast looked awesome about a week before the party, but then it changed and showed that it was supposed to rain all day. i was worried we wouldn't be able to do the bouncy house, but the rain let up right before the party and it was perfect! {just a bit muddy}

i was a little preoccupied with everything else, so i was the worst picture taker ever. i feel horrible and wish i had actually taken some. oh well.

we had goldfish, gummies, pretzels, and capri suns for the kids. my mom made salsa and i made rotel for the grown ups. but i'm pretty sure some grown ups dipped into the kid snacks :)

i also made cake pops for dessert. we got cupcakes from publix too {i love publix}.

i made a little addison banner with paper doilies. i used the left over scrapbook paper from the letters to cover the clothes pins. clever, huh?

a nice blurry picture of me, addison, and her daddy.

and the birthday girl's candle.

i was really surprised at the number of people that came to the party. i invited all of the kids in her class, but only 1 rsvp'ed. i was scared that only 1 would show up, but 3 did. it was great! addison had so much fun playing with them. a lot of friends and family came too. it was a great birthday!!

i'm promising myself to be better about pictures next year.