Thursday, January 5, 2012

santa ornaments

i know this is a little late to help with this christmas {since it already passed}, but it may be helpful next christmas!

my mom found a really cute santa ornament on pinterest, and i recreated it.

my mom had the clean ornaments that split open in the middle already, so didn't need to get any of those {and i also don't know where you would buy them. maybe a craft store like hobby lobby or joann's}.

what you'll need:
clear ornaments
red scrapbook paper or card stock
cute ribbon
black craft paint
white puff paint {i used sparkly}
small paint brush

cut the red paper in strips {probably about 1/2 an inch wide} and then curl it with the scissors like you would ribbon. it was a little more difficult than ribbon {as you'd imagine}, but you just have to do it a couple times to get it curly. and i actually would curl them around my finger to make them curlier.

then i put the strips in the clear ornaments. my mom helped tie the ribbon through the hole in the ornament. then i painted a thick black line around the ornament. by the time i finished the last one, the first ones were dry {i did a little over 20}. i used muffin tins to hold them while they dried and it worked perfectly! before i painted the white belt buckle, i used a fine tip sharpie to write "from addison - christmas 2011" on the bottom. just so her classmates would know who it was from :) then i used the puff paint to make a belt buckle. that was probably the easiest part. i let them dry overnight, and they were good to go in the morning!

i think they turned out super cute!! and they were pretty fun to make, too!