Thursday, January 5, 2012

we didn't forget about jerry

so my goal of taking pictures of jerry every day...i failed.

anywho, we didn't forget about him! just the taking pictures part. but i did snap a few pictures when i thought it was a very cute/clever idea.

he played pretty pretty princess with hello kitty and monkey.

the little beanie baby snowmen tied him up one morning, which wasn't very nice.

and he went fishing! i found the idea on pinterest.

so that was jerry. he also hid in a stocking, rode in santa's sleigh, hid in the fridge, made a snow angel, had a snowball fight, and lots of other things.

hopefully i'll be better at documenting next year. addison was sad to see him go, but i know she'll be really excited to see him next christmas! she has already threatened to call santa and tell him i've been bad. silly girl.