Wednesday, January 4, 2012


here's a recap of 2011 on the blog...

january - i went to chicago for new years. it was my first real trip away from addison. we also had a lot of snow, so addison got to have a lot of snow days. and we got to play in it too!

february - i celebrated my 22nd birthday. we also got to have a fun valentines day that included yummy treats and some car riding.

march - addison moved up to a big girl bed. she did so well with the transition! we played with photo booth, which is one of her favorite things to do on the computer. addison also went to some classes at the zoo with gigi, and i got to tag along for one.

april - we went to the zoo for an easter egg hunt. addison was actually talking about it the other day. it was crazy to me that she remember something from 8 months ago. we also dyed eggs for the first time, and it was a lot of fun!

may - i finally started using my new white iPhone. and i still love it!!! addison got to ride in gigi's jeep for the first time, and loved it. she requests to ride in it all the time.

june - addison went to the dentist for the first time and joined the no cavity club. we also got to go see trucks in the park. and addison started swimming lessons, which was a little rough. thankfully it got a lot better!

july - addison spent a week away from me and took a trip to the beach with her daddy, which was also her first trip to the beach {outside of my belly}. we went to see elmo live and addison had a blast. we also went to the chattanooga aquarium and saw lots of fun fish {and butterflies and turtles}.

august - i had a big girl vacation with my friends to hilton head. it was also the month of concerts because i saw maroon 5 and katy perry within the same week. addison finished up swim lessons, and also had her first sleepover with her second cousin georgia. we also had a visitor from alaska, my cousin liz and baby finn!

september - i was very busy with school this month {as with most others}. we were able to make a trip to the zoo, though!

october - addison started preschool {and still loves it! as do i}. she went to her first fall festival at said preschool. we went see the lion king and it was addison's first time to see a movie at the theater. it was amazing {and beauty and the beast comes back out soon! we will definitely see that!}. she also halloween party at her school.

november - we celebrated addison's 3rd birthday with an awesome party that included a bouncy house. it was also the month that i announced getting an internship, getting into graduate school, and applying to graduate undergraduate school. woo hoo!

december - we visited santa {which addison LOVED} and addison had her first school performance where her class sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer. omg i died of cuteness.

better late than never, right? so ya, that was our 2011 all in a huge collage. i can't wait to see what happens in 2012! i'm excited about big things happening for me, and most of all, i'm excited to see addison grow and do new, even more awesome things!