Monday, July 11, 2011

my swim lesson experience

well, i promised i'd post about my swim lesson experience. and i finally am {extremely late, though}.

i have no clue how old i was when i went, but i'm guessing around 6. so older than addison, but not that old. my granny took me to a couple different places for swim lessons before then. and guess what. i never learned how to swim.

they would never make me get in the pool, so i'd just sit on the side.

i have no clue how my mom heard of ms. carolyn. but that's where i went and actually learned how to swim.

i remember my first day still. maybe not the whole day, just one part.

my dad took me that day. the deal is that parents can't hang around and watch the kids. at least not where the kids can see the parents.

so i was dropped off and was waiting to start my lesson. i guess we were all supposed to start getting in the pool, or the class before me was ending. either way, there was a little girl that didn't want to get in the pool. she was crying and refused to jump in. ms. carolyn went and tried to get her to jump in, and she wouldn't. so ms. carolyn picked her up and tossed her in.

my dad says that my head spun around so fast looking for him. he was on top of the carport {there's a deck up there}, and he just backed up so i couldn't see him.

trust me. when it was my turn to do ANYTHING, i did it. no hesitation.

i learned how to swim that week. i still remember being told to jump in the pool and roll over to my back {like what addison was learning}.

i ended up taking more swim lessons from her {i really don't remember how many, though}. i became a different kid in the pool after lessons. before, i was scared to jump into the pool, even if someone was there to catch me. after, i wanted to jump in all the time and show off my swim skills.

i'm so glad my parents took me there, even though it was kind of traumatizing the first day. but it's a story i will always remember and laugh about.

i hope addison continues to have fun from now on at class. i'm sure she will. i can't wait until she can really swim in the water! i'm sure it will be sooner than later.