Thursday, June 30, 2011

butterfly and heart craft

i had been wanting addison to color or make something for my granny, but i just didn't know what.

the other day, i just thought up a super easy craft for her to do {and hoped it would turn out cute}.

i googled {don't know if that's a verb, or even a word, but is now} an image of a butterfly and a heart. i think i looked up stencils or something like that. and i picked the ones that looked the simplest. i made them big enough to fill the page {i used photoshop but i'm sure you could use word or something like that}.

i cut them out and then traced them onto construction paper.

then i just cut random pieces of different colored construction paper. i used a glue stick and got the heart and butterfly all gluey, then addison stuck pieces wherever her heart desired.

i cut out a body for the butterfly and glued it on top.

i think they turned out really cute! especially since i just used stuff we had at home. and addison was so proud of them and so excited to give them to granny.

now i'm going to try and think of other cute {cheap} crafts we can do this summer! and i will, of course, share the good ones.