Friday, June 24, 2011

swim lessons - day 5

my mom took addison for day 3 and 4, so i wasn't there to take pictures or anything. my mom said she cried some, but each day it seems to be less and less. maybe not that much less than the last, but nonetheless, it's less. that was a lot of lesses.

i went today since it was the last day. addison has been excited to go before we get there, but once it's time to hand her off, she doesn't want to go.

she did fine though. even though she would cry some, she would still float on her back like she was supposed to.

today they got to dive for rings. of course the instructors would go down with them, but all of the kids seemed to like doing that. addison got to go twice and got 1 ring each time.

these swim lessons may not be the normal, parent in the water with the kid stuff. but i know that if i was in the water with her, she wouldn't do anything. she would just cling to me. so this was the best option for us. the instructors are really sweet to all of the kids, and they would talk about mickey and elmo and other silly kids stuff just to engage the kids and keep their minds off of being upset. even though addison cried most of the time, she would still talk about it and would be excited to go back. so clearly it wasn't that bad.

i know i've said i'm going to write about my swim lesson experience, and i promise i will! i'm working on it and it will be one of my first posts next week, so be looking for it!