Tuesday, June 21, 2011

swim lessons - day 1 and 2

day 1

yesterday was day 1. my mom took addison because i was scared (from past experience), and i just thought it'd be better if my mom took her. and my mom didn't mind.

i was all excited to see pictures and videos of the first day. but my mom didn't even get to see addison swim at all. the main teacher talked to the parents the whole time, so they didn't get to watch. my mom said she heard a few cries, but didn't think any were addison. and addison seemed fine and happy when my mom went to get her, so the lesson seemed to have gone well.

this is the only picture of the day, which was taken right before the lesson started.

day 2

oh, today. day 2. since yesterday seemed to have gone well (but i guess we really don't know), i decided i wanted to go. my mom and i were going to take addison, but chris wanted to go too, so my mom stayed back and chris and i took her.

addison didn't wake up in the best mood. the first thing she said was that she didn't want to go to swim lessons. but we talked about it some, and she kind of warmed up to the idea. kind of.

she had homework, which was to practice laying on her back like she's supposed to in the pool. we did that some on the carpet yesterday and this morning, and she was doing really well. i had high hopes for today.

we got there, and addison didn't really want to go in. as soon as the teachers came out and got in the pool, i handed addison to one and darted away.

and then the screaming and crying started. it wasn't that bad at moments. it was kind of on and off. sometimes a lot of the kids would be crying, so you couldn't tell which was which.

but addison cried just about the whole time.

they put the kids in life jackets so they could float on their backs. addison wasn't too fond of that, but she floated on her back for a while. since the parents/grandparents/whoever brings the kids have to stay hidden, these were the best pictures i got.

you can kind of see her floating. just barely. but she's there.

she sat on the stairs in the pool some, and i think that was when she was calmest.

and for your viewing pleasure, here's a video of today. i took a few videos, and just combined them. i thought it was pretty funny when the guy started crying along with her, because i totally do that sometimes. and then when he says "you're angry", i cracked up. ha. and then she got dunked. twice.

my mom is going to take addison tomorrow, and hopefully it will be better. i guess we'll see. even though addison cried most of the time, she still did what they were telling her to do, so that's good. i just hope she can have fun and not be upset.

i'll do a lesson recap on friday when it's all over. and i'll tell my swim lesson story. it's pretty funny.