Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wee bit wednesdays

it's a nasty, rainy wednesday. and i have class tonight. boo. but it's wee bit wednesdays, which makes it {almost all} better!

{one} what color best describes you + why?
i'm never good at these! i'd say pale pink. it's a kind of shy and happy color.

{two} how have you changed in the past year?
hmmm. i'm not really sure how i've changed. i think i've started caring more about school, which is definitely a good thing.

{three} have you ever had any surgeries?
i had my wisdom teeth cut out. that's it!

{four} why did you start your blog?
i wanted a place to write about being a mommy and document everything that happened in addison's life. and i'm so glad i did!

{five} what are you looking forward to this summer?
going to the pool A LOT. and hopefully going to the beach!

{six} do you have any family traditions for the 4th of July?
my dad and i used to go to atlanta, but we haven't in a few years. i always loved doing that, and maybe we'll do it again when addison gets a little older.

{seven} what’s something new that you’ve tried in the past few months?
i started straightening my hair again some. that's really the only thing i can think of. it's kind of a new look, but i'm not that big of a fan. it takes more time and it gets messed up easier. i'll stick with curly :)

{eight} what is the perfect a/c temperature?
70ish. i like it to be cold.

{nine} what was the last movie you saw in the theater?
midnight in paris. i wasn't even sure what it was about, but i really liked it!

{ten} what song do you think everyone should hear at least once?
gosh i really don't know. i can't just pick one song. anything by john mayer is amazing.


Ben and Emily said...

Pale pink is a great color! Shy, happy and girly too! :)

Straightening your hair is hard work and half the time not even worth it (esp in this humidity)!!

Cute blog!

Sarah said...

I love pink! Perfect color for you :D I love looking back at changing too - makes you realize all the good things going on in your life! And, I've heard good things about Midnight in Paris - I'll have to check it out!