Wednesday, June 1, 2011

another first

today was addison's first dentist appointment.

she knew she was going to the dentist, but she didn't exactly know what was going to happen.

i told her they would play with her teeth, and she was excited about that.

the appointment was at 7:30, which was well before when both of us get up. but she woke up in a great mood and watched disney when we got to the dentist.

they called her back and she went fine. but as soon as it was time to lay in the chair, she freaked out. she finally did though, and she did great! there were a few times that she kinda freaked out, but overall it went really well!!

these were the only pictures i took while we were there. i felt a little weird taking pictures at the dentist office.

addison had no cavities and got to be the first in the no cavity club for june.

she even got a certificate!

and these were my attempts at getting a good picture of addison with her certificate. first, the fake smile...

then a better smile.

she goes back in 6 months and i hope it goes well then too! i'm sure it will. yay for clean teeth!


Amber said...

That's a big first! I'm so glad it went smooth and you didn't have a bad day because she had a good experience :) Yay for no cavities!!

Elizabeth said...

Bailey...she is so cute!! I love that little face! Yay for not a single cavity! :)