Monday, May 30, 2011

sidewalk chalk and bubbles

it was so nice this weekend! actually kind of hot, but that's ok. better than cold and/or rainy.

we took advantage of the nice weather and had a little outdoor fun.

the only issue with going outside...cicadas.

if you don't know what they are, you are NOT missing out. and i'm pretty sure anyone and everyone that has had to deal with them will agree. there are so many and they are so loud. and ugly. SO ugly.

luckily, we weren't attacked by any while we played with our chalk and bubbles.

doing the bubbles has been a work in progress. addison usually tries to put the bubble blower thing on her mouth, which can't taste very good. but she's been learning, and probably not enjoying that taste, and she started blowing bubbles like a big girl!

i love my timing sometimes...

i'm so glad addison loves playing outside! it's so nice sometimes to just relax and let her do her thing.