Monday, May 9, 2011

just another day at the zoo

over easter break, addison and i made a trip out to the zoo. just me and her.

i haven't gotten to take her to the zoo by myself, so i was really excited to have a mommy/daughter day.

with my camera in tow, we headed out to the zoo.

her favorite animals at the zoo are the monkeys. they're pretty close to the entrance/exit, so she got to see them a few times while we were there.

i tried to get her to pose by the meerkats, but she didn't want to.

they have a little petting zoo where you can pet goats. only one goat was out of their little blocked off area, and i felt kind of bad for it. all the kids descended on it. but it didn't really seem to mind.

my mom loves flamingos, if you didn't already know. the zoo added flamingos fairly recently, and addison has a new love for them. she can now say flamingo, and it's so cute! i was able to get her to pose with them after about 50 tries.

we hung out in the alligator room for a while because no one was in there and addison wanted a snack. i don't think she really cares for the alligators, but they play music and addison likes to dance to it.

and she's really into jumping lately. sometimes she'll try to jump instead of walk. she's a silly one.

it was a really fun day, and i can't wait to make lots of trips to the zoo this summer! which is almost here, by the way. only one more exam tomorrow, and i'm free!! well, not really, but that's ok. at least i'll just be done with the semester :)


Amber said...

So much fun! I love the flamingos too :)