Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wee bit wednesdays

{one} do you watch the history channel? if so, what’s your favorite program?
not much. the only show i watch on there is pawn stars.

{two} what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
rain makes me really tired, so i usually just lounge around. maybe watch a movie.

{three} what does your dream house look like?
i don't really know! i see lots of houses i like, but i don't know exactly what my dream house looks like,

{four} what state were you born in?

{five} do you have a change jar? if so, what do you use it for when it gets full?
nope. i used to throw my change in a little container, but i stopped for some reason. i would probably just buy myself something. it'd most likely be pennies, so it wouldn't amount to much.

{six} what’s the first website you look at when you get on the computer?
blogger or facebook.

{seven} what is your favorite breakfast?
well, i'm not really a breakfast person. i like cereal for a quick breakfast. if i'm going out for breakfast, i love waffle house. some people think it's nasty, but i think it's delicious.

{eight} what’s the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?
hmm. i'm not sure what my most memorable trip is. i went to london when i was younger and that was pretty awesome.

{nine} do you prefer your coffee black or with cream/milk/sugar?
i don't really ever drink coffee, but when i do i load it with creamer.

{ten} have you ever done a professional photo shoot?
i did the glamor shots when i was younger, but that's it.


Courtney said...

I actually love Waffle House, too! I love the hashbrowns and waffles! Yum! :)

Melanee said...

i love waffle house too! it is so good!

Sarah said...

Mmm. Waffle house is delicious - love it! The hashbrowns are such a guilty pleasure! And, glamour shots are so much fun - I would love to see those!

Han said...

London is fab isn't it! I live about an hour north of London so I go there like once every few months.