Tuesday, May 10, 2011


it's here.


actually, it was here almost 2 weeks ago.

i got it the day it came out.

but, i didn't start using it until last monday. it was hard to hold back, but i had so much to do for school that i knew i didn't need an additional distraction.

it's beautiful.

i'm in love.


so worth the wait.

i even got the pink bumper for it. there's no way i was going to cover up any of that white!!


Beth McC. said...

Love it and I am a tad jealous!!

Cristy said...


Lea Liz said...

My hubby surprised me and got it for me for mothers day!! yaya!!

Love it!!

Haley said...

It's so pretty! I have the white 3GS. I love it. Now I'm just waiting for the iphone5 to come out, I plan on skipping 4 since Ive had the first iphone and the 3GS. Lol