Saturday, May 28, 2011

a new first...

my mom has a jeep.

she loves it.

it was actually my first car.

she bought it when i was 15 because i wanted a jeep.

and i drove it once i turned 16.

for about 2 months.

i don't know why exactly i stopped driving it, but my mom and i switched cars for some reason and i just continued to drive my mom's car.

i always had this theory that the jeep was out to kill me. the tire fell off once when i was driving, which was definitely an interesting and scary experience. and i had at least 1 flat tire while driving it for the short 2 months (there may have been another flat tire, but i can't remember).

so, my mom now drives the jeep.

she got another car after i had addison because she wanted something that she could drive addison around in.

but, addison is 2 and a half now. and she's big enough to ride in the jeep.

which, of course, i was kind of hesitant about.

yesterday, i put a carseat in it and we went for a drive.

and, duh, i took pictures.

addison loved it SO much.

she threw a huge fit when the ride was over. that made my mom extra happy.

i guess there will be lots more jeep rides in the future...