Thursday, May 26, 2011


being a member at the zoo rocks.

addison and i get in free, and we can bring a guest. fo free.

now that they're charging for parking, it's even better! we don't have to pay to park and neither does our guest.

so last week, we headed out to the zoo. and my friend jenna met us there.

let me just say, addison loves jenna. she'll ask about jenna at least once a day. and when we're with jenna, addison wants nothing to do with me.

so addison had a blast showing jenna around the zoo. it was packed though. there were a couple of schools that were there on a field trip, and then just lots more people. and it was hot.

but we made it through! i didn't take many pictures though.

jenna took these while we were walking to see the elephants and giraffes. addison was being really silly.

when we got to the elephants, they were so close!!

and as you can see, addison does love jenna. she demanded jenna carry her/hold her hand most of the day. when we left, we went to get sonic and addison wanted to sit in jenna's lap and eat.

i'm glad addison loves all of my friends and they love her too!


Anonymous said...

She is too cute! Looks like you guys spent some great time together = )