Tuesday, May 3, 2011

last day of class!!

today is the official last day of class.

i'm so excited to get this day over with.

i had 2 papers due today, which was a joy. one was 15 pages and the other was 12 pages. and i had a huge test. and a presentation.

big day.

i've already taken the test and turned in one of the papers. the presentation is done and the other paper is finished and printed.

i feel a whole lot better now.

i still have to go to my night class, but it's the last time i have my super long day.

woo hoo!

i have finals thursday, friday, and next tuesday, but i'm not too worried about those. i was just really looking forward to getting today over with.

oh, and guess what i got!

the new white iphone 4.

and i'm in love.

i got it the day it came out, but just opened it yesterday. i had so much to do over the weekend, and i knew if i opened it i'd just play with it. i was planning on opening it tonight, but i couldn't wait.

it's so pretty! i'm so glad i waited.

only one more week and i'm done with the semester!