Friday, May 27, 2011

is that minnie mouse??

addison got this adorable minnie mouse dress for her birthday. it was a little big then, but it fits her perfectly now.

she wasn't really into the whole smiling for the camera thing. so that's the best i could do.

and since mommy was taking pictures, addison wanted to take pictures too...

this was also the first day addison wore big girl undies. she had one accident, which was right after these pictures were taken. but that was the only accident we've had, and that was 2 days ago! so today will be her 3rd day, and hopefully she'll continue to do great! she isn't sleeping in undies just because i'm not sure if she's ready for that. but during the day she's been wonderful!


Amber said...

I love the dress, especially the polka dots. So cute!