Tuesday, June 28, 2011

steppin out saturday - 6/25

i'm a few days late. better late than never, right?

this is my first time linking up for steppin out saturday over at harper's happenings!

saturday was a big day.

want to know why?

we went to see elmo! yes, elmo. the big red fuzzy dude addison loves. and some of his friends were there too. like a big yellow bird, a flying fairy, and a grumpy dude that lives in a trashcan. and lots more.

she was so excited, to say the least. who woulda thought? i'll save all the fabulous details for later though.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness you two are adorable - those are the CUTEST outfits! I LOVE your daughter's hair - those curls are to DIE for