Monday, June 27, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm going to try and do a week in iphone pics every week. i take a ton of pictures on my iphone, so i figured i'd share!

i'm linking up with amy at a good life, who came up with the lovely idea!


monday was addison's first day of swim lessons. my mom took her, but i took her picture before she headed out. after, she got to hang out with her furry brother, tybee.


tuesday addison went to swim lessons again. when we got back, we made a cute craft for my granny. when we headed to take it over to her, it looked quite nasty out. that night, we went to eat mexican at my favorite, dos margaritas. they have kids night on tuesdays. they have a woman go around to the tables and make balloon animals. this girl is ridiculously good. i wish i had her balloon making skills. we went a few weeks before and addison got a flamingo. this time she got a mermaid. yes, we'll be making this a weekly event.


wednesday i only got a picture of ice cream face. addison and i had a lovely mother daughter lunch date. we went out for ice cream after and addison got all messy. good thing she's cute.


we ventured out to chickfila on thursday for lunch. addison wanted to bring it home, so we had to wait in a crazy long line. and i actually ate chicken (i haven't been eating meat since september. i've had maybe 2 things since. i'm not too serious about it, but i'm trying to stick with it). but, i had a craving for chickfila, so i got me some. i doubt i would have waited in that line if i wasn't dead set on getting some. and it was delicious.


friday was the last day of swim class. i just got a picture of addison on our way. she was chillin with her hello kitty sunglasses on.

well that was fun! i'll try to do this every week from now on :)


Mama Pea said...

her face in the picture with the dog is totally adorable. also i wish i wasn't too old for hello kitty sunglasses :)

AmyLee said...

oh my gosh your little girl is ADORABLE!! that first shot of her in the bathing suit? so freaking cute.

Christa said...

your little girl is SOOO cute! i love your blog, im your newest stalker :)