Monday, June 13, 2011

finally pool time

addison and i went to the pool for the first time this summer a few weeks ago. it's been so hot here lately that being in the pool is pretty much the only way to be outside comfortably.

we've been to the pool a lot these past few weeks, and it's been really nice. hopefully we'll keep going a lot. my goal is to go at least once a week.

we went with my friend mary and baby g, and it was baby g's first time in the pool! so exciting.

addison has done great with her puddlejumper. she sometimes wants to take it off and swim "by herself", which she can't exactly do yet. but i'll take it off and swim around the pool with her.

she starts swim lessons in a week. just one short week before she is traumatized (i'm being sarcastic here).

i'm actually kind of scared about her going, but i know it'll be ok. she's going to the same woman i went to, and i have been slightly scarred for life. it's funny now, but that first day of lessons scared the shit out of me. maybe i'll expand on that later. kind of a funny story. but i learned how to swim, and that's what matters, right?

my mom is going to take her the first day and then if she does well, i'll probably go for the rest of the week. the teacher doesn't allow the kids to see their parents during the lessons, which i think is pretty smart. but there's a little deck that the parents can sit at and not be seen. so i may just do that.

now we're off to the pool for our 1 pool day a week (hopefully there will be more though)!