Thursday, August 5, 2010

stuck part 2

do you remember when addison got stuck in her bath seat? well, she got stuck again yesterday.

she dropped her juice under her table and attempted to get it. she's done this a few times with some of her snacks, but she's never actually gotten all the way under the table. she'll usually just crawl half way in, get what she dropped, and get back out.

but this time she got completely under the table.

it was pretty funny. she did good, though, and figured out how to get back out without any help. which was good because i was too busy taking pictures :)

she just laid half way in/half way out and drank her juice.

she finally got out and was pretty proud of herself!

i'm sure this won't be the last time she gets stuck somewhere. and i'll be sure to take pictures next time :)


Nicole said...

Beautiful little girl! Im your newest follower from Friendship Friday. Please feel free to check out my blog @

Shannon said...

So funny! GG crawls under things all the time and gets stuck. The last time it was the kitchen chair and who knows what'll be next. Just like Addison, GG always figures a way out though...Happy weekend!