Friday, July 30, 2010

friday fives

i had so much fun participating in friday fives over at beth's blog, just me and my life, last week that i decided to do it again this week!!

1. if you could be on a show(talk show, game show...) which one would you pick?

ok, this may sound weird, but i would definitely be on wheel of fortune. it's my favorite game show ever!! and i would win lots of money, cause i'm so good at it!! :)

2. what was your first job?

my first job was at the dollar general market when i was 16. i don't even remember why i decided to work there.

3. what's one of your guilty pleasure?

moose tracks ice cream. or brownies and ice cream. if we have moose tracks or brownies in the house, i usually can't resist. that's why i try to not have it in the house that often! but both are delicious.

4. would you ever vacation alone?

i really don't know if i would. i think it would be fun to go somewhere by myself, but i don't think i'd like to be alone for that long. maybe i'd go somewhere where i knew someone, but i wouldn't stay with them or do lots of things with them. it would just be comforting to know that i knew someone where i was.

5. democrat, republican, or independent..or maybe even green party (whatever that is)?

i don't really get into politics, but the views that i do have lean towards the democrat party. so, i'd have to say i'm a democrat!


Sarahlicious said...

I thought you were going to do poop face!!!