Monday, September 27, 2010

just give me a poncho and call me ugly bailey

any ideas? any?

think ugly betty.

yup, i got braces.


here's the story. i had braces in elementary and middle school. after that, i had a retainer. hmmm. wonder what happened?

that's right. i committed the cardinal sin and didn't wear my retainer. and my bottom teeth are effed up. like nasty crooked. i've been putting off going and having it checked out, but i finally did. i was hoping they'd just say i needed a retainer, but no. braces it is. i kind of wanted to cry. or run out of the office and never look back. but i didn't. i put on my big girl panties and dealt with it. i don't want messed up teeth the rest of my life. i don't want dental problems later in life.

they did tell me that if had waited another 5-10 years before i addressed the bottom teeth issue that they would have had to remove a tooth to make room to straighten out my teeth. and i'd rather get them now than have them the same time as addison does (if she has to have them). mother/daughter braces aren't cool.

i don't think it will be that bad. i mean, it's just the bottom. you can't really even see my bottom teeth. well then why am i getting them fixed??. great question! cause i want my teeth to be pretty, even if you don't see them all the time.

the braces will be on for 7-12 months. i'm shooting for the 7.

on top of the braces, i have to get a retainer for my top teeth. but i only have to wear that at night, so i'm cool with that.

does this pretty face really need metal in her mouth??

why yes, yes it does.

need a little closer view? here ya go! next time you see these things, they'll be purdy and straight as can be.

you can't even tell, right?

until i flash my grill. that's right. braces are the white version of grills. at least for me. i'm gangsta now.

thank you braces for bringing out my inner gangsta. it is much appreciated.

they don't hurt...yet. i really think my teeth were moving a lot this past week. just trying to move away before they get moved in the right direction. i may have some rebel teeth.

i went to lunch right after i had my appointment, and it wasn't bad. they didn't hurt when i ate, but i did have a hard time eating. i'm going to have to learn how to eat again. i was trying to push food out of them between every bite. not ideal. and not pretty. i'll figure it out. and by the time i do, it will be about time to get them off. but that's ok.

here's the lesson, kids. wear your retainer. i know, it's not cool. it's gross. whatever. but do you really want to be 21+ and having to get braces again? i don't think so. if addison tries to be cool and not wear her's, i'm just going to shove it in her mouth in her sleep. she'll thank me later.


Summer said...

You are so pretty girl and you totally can't tell you have braces until you move your lip down and show them! They don't look bad at all really they don't!

I have to agree we should sooo wear our retainer's when we are younger, I to made that mistake and I am starting to get a space a small space in between my front teeth....I am hoping it doesn't get worse but I'm a thinking it is a gonna


AFwifey said...

ITs ok... im 22 never had braces and really need them... on top and bottom! And I cant just get invisalign either because a tooth on top has to be pulled down. I really want beautiful straight teeth but and nervous to get them at 22! You rock them though!

Haley said...

I'm not gonna lie you made me laugh throughout the entire post! Ha! I agree with Afwifey you do totally rock them. I've never had braces but I'm pretty sure I could use em. :-/

Alice said...

You're so pretty! You can't even tell that you have braces unless you're purposely showing them.

My bottom teeth look JUST like yours. I'm afraid mine are caused by my big fat wisdom teeth that I'm way too chicken to have removed. BUT, I really need to do it, and then I'll probably really need to get braces afterwards. :(