Wednesday, March 17, 2010

traffic court

as most of you know, i got a ticket not too long ago. my court date was set for april 1, which is a thursday.

well, i have class on thursday. so i called and was going to try to get a different court date. i thought the process for changing court dates was going to be difficult, but it really wasn't. i just called and they gave me a list of dates that i could come. only thing was, they're all on tuesdays and thursdays, which are the days i have class. and they're all at 9. so i'd have to miss class.

lucky for me, i was on spring break when i called. so i went last tuesday during my break. when i got there, the court room wasn't very crowded. but as it got closer to 9, it got more and more packed.

the judge came in and told us everything. the rules, what we were supposed to do, all that fun stuff. he said that if any cell phone went off, he would have one of the officers in the courtroom come get it and we'd have to pay $10 to get it back at the end. so, i just took the battery out of my phone. i knew it would be my luck for my alarm to go off or something.

once your name was called, you went up to the judge and he asked how do you plead. then you would answer either guilty, not guilty, or no contest. most people just plead guilty, but there were a few that plead not guilty or no contest. if you plead not guilty, you had to come back for another trial and plead your case. if you said no contest, you weren't saying you're guilty, but you don't have to come back to court (but you still have to pay the court costs and stuff).

it was pretty funny listening to people try to make up excuses and say oh, i'm such a good driver. i know i wasn't speeding. or i had to run the red light. i was going to get hit! now, that last excuse is kind of believable. but i'm sure the judge hears that 10 million times a day, so it's kind of hard to believe everyone.

honestly, i think it's probably more trouble trying to get out of the ticket than just paying the fees. i'm sure some of the people want to keep it from going on their record, and that's the only way to keep that from happening. but i really don't think many people win those cases. who knows. i may be wrong!!

you remember how i said the room ended up being packed? well, i was the last person called up. i guess it was kind of my fault though. i didn't think about it before court started, but they didn't know when i was coming that day. after court had started, i realized that i was probably going to be last because they didn't have the copy of my ticket so i could be called up. so, i waited. there really wasn't much i could do, though. but it really wasn't that long. i survived!!

i got off with 60 days probation. i just can't get another ticket for the next 60 days, and it won't go on my record.

oh, and funny little story. my aunt used to babysit the judge's kids. small world, huh?


Summer said...

It is a small world! Glad it won't go on your record! I am a former Paralegal and I worked for a DUI/Social Security Attorney and girl we also took some cases for traffic tickets! It was always quite comical to me that people would pay for an attorney to try to get out of a speeding ticket when it is nearly impossible to do so unless you are about to deliver a baby and have proof, a medical emergency or if you can prove the traffic lights aren't working yada yada yada.....

I bet you did have fun listening to all the excuses....I use to always chuckle about some of the DUI ones....Ha-larious....

Summer :0)
Oh I left you a pretty over at my blog

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Omg, I am ALWAYS so freaking nervous anytime we go to a place that your phone is supposed to be off that my alarm or something will go wrong. That is soooo funny you mentioned that. Im gonna take that advice and just start taking the battery out! ha

Laurie said...

Lucky! I got one back in Oct from the Highway Patrol. He was so nice to tell me to ask the judge if I could take defensive driving class. The judge let me, I didn't have to pay court cost and it's off my record. And instead of sitting in class for 4hrs for this class, I was able to do it online.

Hattie said...

Hi just found your cute blog from Summer's! In Texas you just have to go to court if you are pleading not guilty otherwise you just pay it or request deferred! Be careful for the next 60 days!

ps. I'm your newest follower!!! Feel free to come check my blog out!