Friday, March 5, 2010

half full friday

today i'm participating in Eyegirl's Half Full Friday! you can go to her blog, Life As Eye See It, to see what made her happy this week, and to learn how to participate!

so,you askwhat made me happy this week?

i am happy that it is friday! (i'm pretty sure this will make me happy every week)

i am happy that i turned my biology homework in early!!

i am happy that it's finally spring break!! i'll get a whole week to spend time with addison, get ahead on homework, and design blogs!!

i am happy that i got my biology test over with. i'm not sure how i did, but i think i did ok. not horrible!

i am happy that addison is walking more and more every day!

i am happy that i got to chat to valerie on the computer.

i am happy that i've been getting so many emails about blog designs!! my waitlist is growing and growing!!

i am happy that the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend!!

so, what made you happy this week? share and link up with Eyegirl.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining me again. :) Sounds like you had a great week. Enjoy spring break!