Friday, March 19, 2010

disney channel

am i a dork??

don't answer that.

i have a new found love for the disney channel.

for a while, i've put the disney channel on in the morning so addison can watch handy manny, mickey mouse clubhouse, jungle junction, and chuggington. but after she went to nap, i would change the channel.

sometimes phineas and ferb would be on, and i would watch it. it was my favorite disney show for a while. it's really funny and cute, but it doesn't come on that much.

recently, i've just been leaving the disney channel on when addison goes down for her nap. usually i don't even watch the tv, but i'll listen to the shows.

i thought they were dumb at first, but once i started watching them, i really liked some of them.

my favorites are wizards of waverly place, sonny with a chance, and phineas and ferb. i can tolerate the suite life, but i just can't watch hannah montana. that one is pretty annoying.

wizards is definitely my absolute favorite. i don't know why, i just think it's so funny! and everyone in the show is gorgeous. maybe that has something to do with it, too.

i use addison as my excuse for having the disney channel on, but she doesn't even watch it after the morning. i won't lie. i leave it on so i can watch it.

so, do you like any disney channel shows?


Jenn said...

Haha I've loved the Disney Channel since I was Leah's age and still do! However, I love the old school Disney back when they had the MMC!

Summer said...

Hahahahaha! Now I can admit I heart the disney channel and love Wizards and Phineas and Ferb! I watch it after Kelcee goes down for naps as backgrond noise! I think they are super cute! I am with ya on the Hannah Montana um nope can't watch that one she is kinda annoying LOL....

I do wish they still had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.....

Summer :0)

Tara said...

hee hee I have LOVED "That's so Raven" for forever. I totally can't stand Hannah Montana either! I used to watch Arthur on PBS a few years ago, when I didn't even have a baby!!!!

aimymichelle said...

i love wizards too! jonas is pretty funny and sonny is funny too.

i also love to watch icarly on nick..

Kristen said...

Yeah, I grew up on Disney, and I suppose it is still in my blood. We watch on Netflix though. Is that bad? Probably. ha!