Monday, October 12, 2009

tutu time

so, the idea to make addison a tutu came from my mom. she thought it would be so cute for addison to have one, and it was a great idea for a birthday present. she found a video of how to make a no-sew tutu, and so we went with that. it was super easy and a lot of fun. maybe i'll make one for myself. or not. i'll just borrow addison's :)

ahhhhh!!! i figured out how to put a youtube video on my post! yay!!

anywho, i'm finally going to tell you how to make a tutu! fffiiinnnaaallllllyyy

so, you can watch the video and it tells exactly how to do it. i got 5 different colors of tulle. just a tip, get bright colors. i went with more pastel colors, which still look cute. but once they're cut into small strips and put together, you can't really tell the difference in color.

i got the pretty ribbon that is double sided, so it's all shiny on both sides. i went to JoAnn's to get all my stuff, and you can find coupons online to print and take in the store. they usually have good deals on tulle, so you could use the coupon for the ribbon.

this is the first tutu i made addison. she was more concerned with what it was than posing for the camera.

i was clever and took some of the left over strips of tulle and made addison a bow. it didn't stay on her head for long, but it did stay on long enough for a few cute pics. awww. i was so proud of myself for thinking to make the bow!

even without the bow, she's beautiful.

i think she's thinking what is this mommy?? she liked it though. something new to play with!

i've (and by that i mean my mom and i) have made 4 tutus so far. addison has two, the one you see here and one that is red, white and black for georgia. we made one for as a birthday present for one of addison's little friends. we also made one for the daughter of someone chris works with. i can't wait to see it on her! i hope she likes it!

if you do make a tutu, tell me how it went! hopefully this was helpful!


Judi said...

Little Carrie Bradshaw!