Friday, October 30, 2009

show us your life - halloween!

my own little skunk....
isn't she cute??
well, i know my mom has pictures of me from, but i don't have a scanner, so i can't share those. so sad. i do remember some of the pictures though. and i must say, i was pretty cute all dressed up when i was little.

wednesday, chris took addison to clarksville while i was at school. his grandma made addison a skunk costume! wasn't that sweet? and it's so cute! i was very impressed.
of course, we had to take a bunch of pictures of her in it. she was kind of confused.

her little paw. so cute!!

the costume is made out of fleece (or fleece-like material) so it's slippery on the wood floor. addison would try to crawl and would just slide all over the place. it was pretty funny watching her.

when she finally crawled, which of course was a struggle, she really looked like a skunk. it was so funny. chris's grandma really did a good job making it!

i'm actually surprised she stayed in it that long. i guess she doesn't mind being a skunk :)

i think addison's trying to say "you'll pay for this"

and of course, we had to get pictures of our skunk with us. she's just so cute!!

that night, we finally went and got pumpkins. and there were virtually none left! i was actually surprised. i figured today and saturday would be the big days for people to swarm to get pumpkins. i guess i was wrong. none the less, we got a pumpkin. actually 3. we got one pumpkin for me to carve, then 2 little ones for me to maybe paint. i'll get on that tomorrow! and maybe i'll put some picture of those up in my halloween spirit :)