Saturday, October 3, 2009

the smell of fall

yesterday was chris's last day of vacation. when i got home from class, he wanted to go to the mall. he always wants to go to the mall. i had expected it, since we hadn't been to the mall this week. well, we had been to the mall by our house, but not the one he likes. so, off we went.

i had gotten an email from yankee candle about a deal on large jars. it was buy one get one free. i went in the store at our local mall (not the preferred one for chris) and they didn't have that deal. but my mom found the coupon, so when we went to the other mall, i got 4 candles for the price of two! go me!

we haven't really burned any candles at our new house. we had some in our apartment, mainly christmas smells, that we burned during the holiday. chris has a favorite scent, so my mom got him some of those and we burned them in our house. i'm not really big on the summer scents. but i love the fall and winter scents. they just remind me of the holidays.

so yesterday, i got 2 spiced pumpkin candles and 2 christmas cookie candles. as soon as we got home i lit the spiced pumpkin. i put both of them above our fireplace and our house smells so good. it makes me happy :) smelling it just makes me realize that it's fall and puts me in the fall mood.

do you have any scents that are your favorites? or any that remind you of fall?