Friday, October 16, 2009

pimp my helmet

as soon as we found out addison was going to get a helmet, my mom and i decided we wanted to decorate it. we talked to the people at Restorative Health and asked what they recommended. they said to not paint anything because it would just flake off. i had visions of rhinestones and cute stickers.

well, she's had the helmet for 3 months and we just now got a sticker. my mom and i got some stickers before, but i didn't like them. there's a kiosk in our local mall that makes stickers. i saw this one a while ago and thought it would be perfect. so one day while chris was on vacation, we went to the mall and ended up getting it. i think it's so cute.

the little bow is the best part. it would have been a little too punky without the bow. but now it's the perfect balance of girly and punk. i've thought about buying more stickers to put on her helmet, but i can't decide. we might get a small georgia sticker made, and maybe some hello kitty. i just love hello kitty!

i talked about addison crawling and sitting up here, and i finally caught her sitting up on video. i just think it's the most amazing thing. i don't know why. she's just starting doing a bunch of stuff all of the sudden. feeding herself little snacks, crawling, and sitting up.

you can kind of hear addison talking in the video. she talks randomly and screams when she's excited or happy. it's pretty funny. she sits up for a second then starts crawling again. that's pretty much what always happens now. but i love it!