Thursday, October 8, 2009

halloween house

**if you're from Kelly's Korner, i posted this a few weeks ago. i couldn't wait to put up pictures of my decorated house! hope you enjoy!**

yesterday i put out all of our halloween decorations. or at least all the ones we have now. i think i want to get more...but of course, i need to see if chris is ok with having a house that is full of decorations. we'll see.

we really don't have that much. i mean, it was in a tiny box in my mom's garage that we could barely find. it's not like a massive amount of halloween decorations. but maybe it will be by the time halloween gets here :) and i did add to my collection the other night when we went to JoAnn's to get some stuff to make a tutu. hmmm...i never posted on how to make a tutu. bad me. i'll try and do that by the end of the week. speaking of that, can anyone tell me how to put a youtube video on my post? i tried once, and it didn't work. thanks!

ok, now back to halloween. since i knew i was going to put our decorations out, i decided to put addison in her cute little halloween outfit gigi (my mom) got her.

addison's shirt says 'too cute to spook'. and i think it's very true!

aaaaaand addison decided she didn't want to take pictures. she wanted to crawl. i had to sit her up, take a quick picture, then she was down. oh has begun.

my mom gave me these really pretty fall flowers. i'll probably keep them up until thanksgiving, then it'll be christmas decoration galore!

yes, they are fake flowers. i mean, common. i have to keep addison, chris, tybee, and myself alive. do you expect me to keep flowers alive? they would be like low low on my list. and even if i didn't have to take care of addison, i probably would still let them die. i am just not a flower person. well, not when you have to take care of the flowers at least.

while we're in the kitchen, i'll give yall a sneak peak what our kitchen looks like....

kind of messy, but not bad. this is the cute spooky thing close up on the wall.

oh ya, and i have 2 more things in the kitchen too! how could i forget? but they're kind of small. when we were living at the apartment, i liked to get small stuff because we didn't have much room. and these little things were perfect. now i have to keep them some place away from addison. so in the kitchen up on the counter is perfect.

then we have our little pumpkin candy dish. or whatever you call it. lucky for me, we already had some candy. so i filled it up with what we had (not much) and snapped a pic. i'm not sure if any of it is there anymore.....

we don't really have much in the living room, and i think that's where i want to have lots of stuff. what we have now is cute, just not really big stuff.

in front of our tv, we have this cute trick or treat thing.

and beside it is a little ghost that lights up.
then on our table in front of the window (which i love by the way. and i'll definitely show pictures of it decorated for'll see why) we have a candle holder thing. i thought it was pretty cool.

last but not least, i got this little guy the other day, but didn't know what i wanted to do with him. i tried out a few spots, but i like him on the front door. he's still inside (i was kind of scared someone would try to steal him if i put him outside) but i think it looks very cute.
we had this really cute decoration to hang on our front door last year. but when i took it out of the box, it was broken! i think some super glue will fix it. i just have to get some. i'll put a picture of it once i get it up.

the last thing i want to get for decorations are pumpkins. i think chris and i are going to take addison to the pumpkin patch (or just the little spot on the corner by my mom's house) to get pumpkins. i want to get them early and have them on the front porch for a while. then we'll carve them closer to halloween. and just to let you know, i'm the best pumpkin carver ever. well, maybe not ever. but i am pretty good! you'll see.


Anonymous said...

Very cute decorations (those little ghosts are too much fun!). And Addison is adorable!
pk @ Room Remix

♥ sarahbeth. said...

that "too cute to spook" shirt is sooooo cute! i love it! great job on the decor too! xoxo

"Dove" said...

Very cute....I mean the decor AND that sweet baby! :)

Stephanie said...

Addison is adorable! Love her outfit.

Cute decor. I love that candle holder!

Liz said...

Your house is lovely... and your little girl is too cute! Love her little outfit.


I absolutely LOVE her expression in the third picture! And your decorations are very cute. I love the skeleton hanging from the door! Thanks for sharing!-April