Friday, October 16, 2009

fall break

today is the official start of my fall break! yippee! there's no class next monday-wednesday, and i don't have class on thursday. so i don't go back until next friday!

i don't really have any plans for my break. i just want to relax and get some stuff done. the house isn't really messy or dirty, so i don't have anything major to do around here. the only thing i want to do around the house is clean out my closet. i have so many shirts that i don't wear any more. and i keep telling myself maybe i'll wear it. and i never do. i have stuff from high school that i never even wore then. i think once i clean out my closet, it's going to be virtually empty. maybe that'll give me an excuse to do a little shopping :)

speaking of shopping, i've found so many cute things online recently. i've pretty much made out my christmas list in my head. i found this cute jewelry website that was on MckMama's blog. she was doing a giveaway, which of course i didn't win. the jewelry is from lisa leonard designs, and i l-o-v-e everything. i wish i could buy it all, but i can't. i love the key necklace, and a few others. hopefully i'll get one for christmas :)

also on MckMama's blog were these cute clutches. they are from Gussy, and are all super cute. i don't really use clutches, but i thought it would be good to keep my cell phone, wallet, and keys in, and just throw that in the diaper bag. that way i won't have to dump out the whole diaper bag to find my phone. i'll have all my stuff in the clutch for easy access.

i've also started thinking about making tutu's and selling them. hmmm...just a thought. i don't know if i would be able to find enough people to but them though. and i don't really know much i would charge for them. any suggestions? know anyone who wants a tutu?

anyways, i guess i lied when i said i don't have any plans for fall break. the one and only plan that i have so far (and it's not exactly a plan. more like a thing i want to do) is going to the pumpkin patch with addison. i think we're going to try to go tomorrow. i just have to find a good pumpkin patch that's close. we used to have one really close, but i don't know if it's still open. i hope it is. i'm going to try to take a lot of good pictures while we're there. i've become a picture taking fanatic.

let's just hope the weather is suitable for pumpkin patch adventures. it was chilly these past few days, but today was cold. like really cold. and kind of rainy. i did not enjoy walking to class.

what else, what else...

oh ya. funny story. last weekend i went downtown with 2 girls from my biology class to find tree leaves for my biology class. my mom kept addison at her house while i was gone. georgia played tennessee that day, and as you can recall, my dad is a big tennessee fan and chris is a big georgia fan. well, i got a picture message from my dad. here it is...

yes, that is our house. we did have a georgia flag up, but my dad changed it to a tennessee flag. chris was at work and got the same picture. it was pretty funny. he took it down as soon as he got home.

what's even funnier is that my dad went and bought a tennessee cheerleading uniform for addison. he took it to my mom's house, and when addison got up from her nap, my mom put it on her.

she's still super cute even in a tennessee outfit. although she's a lot cuter in her georgia tutu i made her. i'll probably put it on her tomorrow for the game. they play vandy, and hopefully they win. we were going to go to the game since it's at vandy, but chris is scared that georgia will lose and he doesn't want to be there if they do. i'll make sure to put some pictures of addison in the tutu if she wears it tomorrow, as well as pictures from the pumpkin patch if we (hopefully) go.