Sunday, October 4, 2009

sunday morning

sunday morning, rain is falling

well, rain isn't really falling, but i am listening to that song. and it is sunday morning, right? so it's kind of appropriate. and it might rain today.

this morning, i've been doing some cleaning, laundry and homework. i do live the exciting life. addison is napping, and i have the music playing on the computer. which i haven't done in forever. it's so relaxing. it seems to make everything better.

i do have to give credit to what i'm listening to, though. it's really relaxing music. probably my 2 favorite artists to listen to. john mayer and maroon 5. ahhh i love them! i seriously know every word to every song.

i'm pretty sure i've been listening to john mayer since my freshmen year in high school. and i don't know how long i've listened to maroon 5, but it's been a long time. john mayer and maroon 5 came to nashville a few years ago, but i wasn't able to go. that would have been the best concert ever. i did get to go to a john mayer concert 2 years ago though. and it was amazing. i was singing every word to every song. and my friends that i went with were doing the same. i don't know many people who don't like john mayer. but i like him a lot a lot.

i'm the kind of person who can have a song (or songs) on repeat all day long. and i'm pretty sure it drives chris crazy. but lucky for me, he's working today. so i can listen to my music all day long. when chris and i went to savannah, georgia a few years ago for vacation, i had john mayer and maroon 5 playing the whole time. i think chris had heard enough of them to last him the rest of his life. i think he would kill me if i played any of their songs in the car now :)

i guess i'll get back to my homework now. i'll might accidentally type some lyrics in my paper. i'm sure my teacher won't mind :)