Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

this week i decided to participate in MckMama's Not Me! Monday. it's the blog carnival that showcases what we did do, err didn't do, but are ok with admitting.

while in the kitchen, i did not spill some water on the kitchen floor. oops! usually, i would just grab a paper towel and clean it up. but this time, i was wearing socks, and i did not just run my foot over the water and let my sock soak up the water. i would never do such a thing. especially since there are paper towels right beside me. never!

i did not hit the snooze button on my alarm multiple times this morning. i would never try to squeeze in 15 extra minutes of sleep, even though i knew would be rushed getting ready and getting to school on time. i love my sleep!

on the days i didn't have class, i most certainly did not use my child as an alarm clock. and if she woke up earlier than i wanted to, i would definitely not get out of bed, give her some toys and her paci, and go back to bed. i mean, isn't that a lot of work to just get more sleep? i would never do a thing like that!

while changing addison's poopy diaper, one of her little nuggets (that's what chris and i call her little poops) did not fall on my foot. when noticing said nugget on my foot, i most certainly did not scream and kick my foot to get it off. i would never kick a nugget on the carpet just to get it off of my foot. ewww!

today, i most certainly did not shove my finger (yes it was clean) in addison's mouth so i could see if she was getting any teeth. i would never do such a thing, knowing it makes me mad. but she did get her first tooth! more on that later...

well, i think that's it for things i did not do this past week. or at least the things i'm willing to admit. now hop on over to MckMama's blog and check out what other people aren't doing :)