Thursday, October 1, 2009


i met chris through at&t. he's the guy my mom always went to when we had phone problems. then we started dating, and now here we are. once we started dating, he would give me nice phones whenever he got them. so, i had a blackberry pearl, then a blackberry curve. all for free. then i started working for t-mobile, so i didn't need him to get me phones. but the iPhone came out, and it could be unlocked and used on t-mobile, so chris gave me one. i loved it. once i had addison, i quit t-mobile and went back on my mom's plan through at&t. chris got me the new iPhone for my birthday (i really wanted the white one, so he got it for me!)

well, the other day my phone started randomly turning off. chris told me to make an appointment at the apple store and have them look at it. so i made the appointment for monday after class, and we all went out there. chris was having problems with his too, so we just got them to look at his too.

i was really hoping they would just give me a new one, but they didn't. they said something in my phone, an application probably, was corrupt. so i have to restore it to its factory setting and not use my backup. so i'm going to have to re download all my apps. it's not that big of a deal, but it's just time consuming and kind of a pain. i'll probably perform the surgery on my phone this weekend. haha. it's not really surgery, but that's what it feels like.

i did get a cute new case for my phone at the apple store. i really wanted one that was pink, but not a gel. this one is hard, but cute. i like it!